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Sollers partners with industry-leading corporations and provides them with ready-on-day-one employees. We record an 82% placement rate within three months of graduation.

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What Our Students Say

“Sollers has great certificate and internship programs in Clinical Trials domain. I have recently completed Clinical Data Science program with Sollers. Their faculty, facilitators, career services all are knowledgeable and experienced in the field of Clinical Trial. I was very happy with the internship program too. They provided me with valuable guidance throughout my program, internship and job application process. I definitely would recommend Sollers.edu to anyone who wants to pursue education in Clinical Trial industry 👍🏼”

– Sampada Lokhande, Mar 06, 2020

“Sollers College is a great institution of learning, I had a memorable time attending advance drug safety and pharmacovigilance program. They helped me financially, the lecturers were so friendly and knowledgeable. The internship program was so flexible and on point. They have one of the best career services department with a very dedicated director. Keep it up.”

– Martins Akor, Feb 27, 2020

“My experience with Sollers is nothing short if a instant family. They are always right there to guide and mentor you along the way. Whenever I was stuck I always reached out, I am pretty sure they are happy that I passed my course, because now some of the staff can get some sleep.
Sollers was there for me, and they helped me land my dream job. Every stage was amazing.
Thank you Sollers, thanks for everything.”

– MikeNsusan Tunberg, Feb 20, 2020

“Sollers is doing one of the best works ever. I had been hunting for jobs since Aug 2018 but getting a job with just an associate degree in Computer Science is not enough. I needed a jump start to get into the tech industry, and Sollers became that jump-start for me. I applied to one of the jobs posted by Sollers on Indeed, back in November 2019 and was called the following day by a wonderful lady named Sudhakshna, who helped me a lot over the 5 weeks training as mentioned in the job description. I got into the training after passing a couple of interviews, which were conducted by LTI (Larsen & Toubro Infotech). LTI is the company that I am starting a job within about a week now. I got my offer letter from LTI after the completion of the training, successfully passing an online assessment and an interview with LTI. The entire training program was very extensive; I learned many skills and mastered multiple tools that I can use in any of my future jobs. The training was mainly based on big data and tools that are used to manipulate such data, for example, Apache Spark and Hive. Mahanta, who was our instructor, had a very good grip on the topics. He shared his knowledge in a very well organized and productive way. During the training, we had multiple online meetings with a team from LTI and the HR team from Sollers, who explained every question we had. People in the HR team of Sollers, among whom I had contact with includes Monica, Jaganya, Shilpa, and Shradha, were amazing during the entire period of the training. They helped me with all the paperwork and clarified any query, or doubt that I had about the program. Today, I feel confident to say that I am a software and big data engineer, who has successfully landed a job with a big company LTI and this was all possible because of Sollers. So, thanks to All of you guys at Sollers who helped me get through the training and put me on a successful path. Thanks to Sudhakshana for giving me that call, and thanks to Monica for tolerating my questions, I won’t need to bug you anymore.”

– Iftikhar Khan, Feb 20, 2020

“Sollers college really helped me learn new stuff about my domain and their training provided is phenomenal. I’d highly recommend it to anybody looking for getting into the tech field and has no prior experience.”

– Ilham K, Feb 18, 2020

“It was great been a student at Sollers college, I enjoyed the friendliness of the staff, most especially the academic staff. I love the motivational spirit in our lecturers, the flexibility of the schedules, the simplicity of the software and the easy to learn course materials. Keep it up!”

– Martins A, Feb 13, 2020

“I am very pleased to inform you that I got the job at the Kessler foundation as a research coordinator. Thank you Sollers for being there for me; giving me the support and encouragement. I truly appreciated it; not just that day but throughout the course. You were always there to help with anything and with a smile.”

– Shalaka Paranjpe, Feb 2, 2020

“I got a job as an ICSR Quality Reviewer in Pfizer. I would like to thank the faculty for teaching me, Argus. It was so easy when I was doing the Argus assignments in my initial training session. I’m very thankful and happy that I will be able to apply Argus, which I have learned from you.”

– Swarna L. I..

“My overall experience with Sollers was good. I got my first full-time job through their IAM training program. The faculty and Student Services are helpful and respond to your queries quickly. I got the opportunity to learn Active Directory and Microsoft Azure. I would definitely recommend Sollers to anyone looking to advance their career.”

– Mehta M.

“Sollers is a great place to be at for learning cutting edge technology. I have been attending classes here for last few months. Instructors are well versed with the material; classes were always on time. Student services staff is very helpful in coaching and preparing for interviews. These classes have helped me enhance my knowledge and skills in related field.”

– Smita Shah, Current Program Participant, January 2019

“Sollers provided me a great opportunity to start my career in Big Data. The teaching faculty has very good experience and helped me out with any difficulties I faced during the course. I have worked on different technologies relating to Big Data through projects. I would surely recommend this course to aspiring students who want to kickstart their careers in Big Data.”

– Purvesh D.

“I am glad I decided to enrol at Sollers because it paid off in a big way. The Clinical Trial Management course is extensive, and the professors are thorough in delivering the course materials using real life experience and insight. Career Services helped me throughout the interview process, and I landed my dream job with the very first interview after graduating from Sollers. I would recommend Sollers without hesitation to anyone looking to advance their career.”

– Emmanet T.

“Sollers Institute gave me an opportunity to build my future. The Clinical Trial Management program was very informative and detailed. I was offered a job during my internship. The instructor was very helpful and made sure all my questions were answered. Career Services’ Marcye McFadden helped me in my job search from resume writing to interview prep. She is very friendly and helpful. If you’re thinking of a career in Clinical Trial Management, think about Sollers.”

– Ashwini K, Oct 2, 2018

“Thanks to the academic team at Sollers. I was able to gain quick admission with financial options to pay tuition. Career Services was very helpful with resume and interview prep. They sent me job postings with major hospitals and pharma companies which helped me land my current job as Data Manager in cancer clinical trials.”

– Rudolf M, Feb 19, 2018

“The experience with Sollers/Cognizant has been great. We are very grateful to Sollers and Cognizant for proving us this opportunity to learn and apply our skill set in an industry we aspire to be in. We are forever grateful to them and would encourage anyone who aspires to be in the IT Industry to learn from Sollers and venture in this program!”

– Amisha Kapadia, Program Alumna and Cognizant Team Member