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Sollers partners with industry-leading corporations and provides them with ready-on-day-one employees. We record an 82% placement rate within three months of graduation.

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Student Success Stories

Nishi (Master’s degree in medical technology ) Having worked as a  medical technologist from overseas with no experience in the United States entered the program to shape her career in Clinical Trial Management 2019.

During her time in the program, she was hired by a Pharmaceutical employer. She expresses that choosing Sollers College helped her develop ample competence and aid her in her professional journey.”

Nishi, (Master’s degree in medical technology)

Sherane P (Master’s degree in biomedical science), alumni of Sollers college, shares that the inculcation of discipline at the college and the culture of value-based education proved to be the keys that helped her open up her career path and helped to become a Clinical Research coordinator. She says that she has a deep sense of gratitude for the knowledge and confidence the college imparted, and the friendships she formed while doing her Clinical Trial Management certificate program in 2019.”

Sherane P, (Master’s degree in biomedical science)

Ms. Wajiha K (Bachelor’s in Political Science) – Clinical Trial Management alumni from Sollers College, shares that her time at the college truly changed who she was and who she wanted to become professionally and personally. The culture at Sollers fostered the sharing of ideas, critical discussions, and collaboration among students and faculty across a wide range of interests. The professors’ friendly attitude and their willingness to always offer a helping hand have helped her find her way to become a Trial Master File Specialist, Boehringer Ingelheim. She also adds that the diverse range of students on campus meant a real cultural experience for her.”

– Ms. Wajiha K, (Bachelor’s in Political Science)

Syune N, Originally trained as a Research Scientist in Armenia, Poland, and Sweden, Suyen has no experience. Inspired by Life Science programs, she recognized the need to expand her professional skills and education to propel her career in Clinical Trial Management.

The Program captured her interest since it focuses not only on precise concepts but also on cross-functional attributes. Shortly upon the certificate program in 2019, she was hired by Catalyst Pharmaceuticals in 2019 as a Clinical Research Associate because of her unique, broad set of skills after two years of career gap.”

Syune N, (Research Scientist)

Mr. Kenny, a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Nigeria, alumni of Sollers College, shares that the learning he received at Sollers helped him begin his journey in Clinical Research. He appreciates the caliber, diligence, enthusiasm of the professors at Sollers. With the help of a Clinical research graduate certificate program(2019), without any previous experience in the field of Clinical Research, he obtained a position in the industry.”

– Mr. Kenny, (Bachelor’s in Computer Science)

Suma D, with a background of B.Pharm in India, worked as a clinical pharmacist for four years before moving to the US and joined Sollers. She has completed the Advanced Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance certification program in 2016. After two years of a career break, she has done a certificate program from Sollers. Sollers College has prepared her to offer as a drug safety associate in Bioclinica even after a two-year career gap. Now she is pursuing an MS program in DSP. ”

Suma D, (B.Pharm)

Suman B, With a Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences background, Suman B worked as a drug safety associate in India. She pursued the ADSP course in Feb 2020. Sollers College has inspired her to move one step forward and try new things and help her leave that comfort zone. She got placed as a safety data associate within six months before the start of the internship.”

– Suman B, (Ph. D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Rebecca J – Foreign Medical doctor, Singapore, completed a diploma in family medicine in 2008, worked as a physician before moving to the US in 2015, joined Sollers for the ADSP program in Jan 2019. Under the guidance of professors, she grasped the knowledge of Career growth in the Healthcare sector. Soller College has inspired her to go the extra mile and try new experiences outside her comfort zone. After certification, she was settled as a Regulatory Post Marketing Safety Specialist for a medical device company.”

Rebecca J, (Diploma in Family Medicine)

Viraj P, with a background of Pharm D, worked as a pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager. He joined the Advanced drug Safety program in 2019. Sollers provides a host of real-world opportunities for him. He was involved in working on real-time case scenarios. Sollers supported him by giving interview tips and resume preparation. After completing the certification, he is working in his interesting zone with a PV clinical associate position.”

– Viraj P, (Pharm D)

Sunil K, the Ph.D. holder in  Pharmaceutical Sciences from India, worked as a research assistant professor before relocating to the US in 2016. He has a passion for Drug Safety.  He joined Sollers for the ADSP program in 2019.  He enjoys thinking in an interdisciplinary way, making connections, creating bridges between realms, and now working as a drug safety specialist.”

– Sunil K, (Ph.D. holder in  Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Lena L, With a background of PharmD and a profession of a pharmacist until 2015, Lena L had joined ADSP in 2019. Sollers supported her independent and critical thinking, providing real-world internship opportunities that opened doors. She explored many technical topics and introduced her to the latest tools and technologies, now received an offer as an Operation Specialist medical information specialist.”

Lena L, (PharmD)

Karishma B, a Foreign Medical Graduate from India, completed Medicine in 2009, worked as a physician until 2014 before moving to the US, pursued the ADSP course in 2018-2019 from Sollers. Sollers helped narrow her career path because she was able to find the same job she wanted to become when she finished the course. Sollers is about becoming the person you are destined to be in the Life Science Sector. Now she works as a clinical safety reviewer.”

Karishma B, (Clinical Safety Reviewer)

Swarnalatha I, a Foreign Medical graduate from India, completed medicine in 2010, worked as a medical officer in India before moving to the US, and joined ADSP in 2018. Several experienced professors guided her to opt for the right career path. With the help of professors’ valuable insights, she understood the importance of Drug Safety and career growth. No doubt to say, Sollers is a place to discover who you are supposed to be. Now she is working as an ISCR Quality Reviewer.”

Swarnalatha I, (ISCR Quality Reviewer)

Mathew S, a Doctor of Pharmacy, worked as a pharmacist and joined ADSP in 2019. Sollers provided an opportunity to explore all the different aspects of the latest tools, market trends, and career prospects during the program under 30+ years of experienced experts’ guidance. He has used his experience in all of these things to do what he does now. Sollers gave the expertise and encouragement to discover, pursue, and be successful in an incredible profession that he loves. Currently, he is working as a Drug Safety Associate.”

Mathew S, (Drug Safety Associate)

Raveena Thapar, I really liked the ADSP program. It enabled me to get proficiency in tools like Argus safety database and MedDRA. Also, it gave me a thorough understanding of Pharmacovigilance. Especially the hands-on experience with the Argus safety database was a big add on. I would like to express my gratitude to the faculties for their excellent guidance. They are brilliant teachers. Finally, I would like to thank you for your great help and prompt responses throughout this course. I would definitely recommend Sollers to those who want to make a career in Pharmacovigilance.”

– Raveena Thapar, (Pharmacovigilance)