Information Technology

In the age of cloud computing and artificial intelligence, businesses seek more than ever to function with greater speed and efficiency in order to gain an advantage over competitors. With new technologies being churned out exponentially, and the rapidly changing nature of jobs, businesses are on the lookout for employees who are competent, skilled and ready to hit the ground running.

Sollers, recognising this need, has partnered with industry leaders such as L&T, Cognizant and Wipro among other top companies to build courses specifically designed to develop talent that is ready on day one. This also opens up a world of opportunity for our graduates, helping them gain their own competitive advantage over students from other educational institutions.

Sollers’ IT programs are all employer-backed and customized based on industry requirements.


Sollers partners with industry-leading corporations and provides them with ready-on-day-one employees. We record an 82% placement rate within three months of graduation.