We bridge the talent gap and kick-start careers simultaneously.

Forget about keeping up.
It’s time to get ahead.

Get the Sollers Advantage

We partner with corporations, design curricula around their business needs and train our students to become read-on-day-one job candidates.

With Great Experience Comes Great Opportunity

The world is evolving fast. Here is your chance to get ahead. Information Technology and Life Sciences, two fields that improve life, are in greater need than ever before. Now, you can make a difference, at any industry-leading organization.

Information Technology

Cloud Computing and Data Science are the future of Information Technology. And you can play an important role in shaping it.

Life Sciences

Sollers offers future-relevant, career-defining courses in Clinical Data Science, Drug Safety, Project Management and more.

Upskilling America for the jobs of tomorrow

Level up. Emerge head and shoulders above the rest. Contribute meaningfully at any top organization.



Sollers supports you with student-friendly financial options that clear a path for your future.



Real-time work environments, the latest technologies and continuous upskilling for two years.



Sollers builds curricula around the needs of corporations. This means you get trained for the job.

Financial Options


Pay tuition only after you secure a job that pays a minimum of $50K per annum. That is the Sollers guarantee.

Employer Sponsorships

A clear win-win for both parties. You will be able to get your tuition reimbursed by your employer.

Student-friendly Loans

Pay off your loan at an affordable interest rate offered by Sollers’ student-friendly lending partners.

Women’s Scholarship

Sollers offers a special scholarship for specific courses to women who are eligible for it.

Payment Plans

Students who cannot pay the entire tuition sum upfront can pay it off in installments over the duration of the course.

Partnerships that Grow Your Business

Sollers creates impactful partnerships with industry-leading employers in the fields of Information Technology and Life Sciences. We make it our responsibility to do a detailed analysis of your needs and prepare a comprehensive plan from initiation to delivery and provide “ready on day one” candidates with both the background and applied skills needed to succeed at low cost.


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