Financial Options

Get Your Academics on Track

Sollers has devised viable financial options for you to ensure tuition does not get in the way of your education. Now, you can focus your attention where it needs to be – in the classroom! Check out our various financial options below.

Income-sharing Programs

Study now, pay later. An income-sharing agreement means you may not have to pay tuition till after you land a job paying a minimum of $50k. Why does Sollers’ income-sharing program work? We partner with businesses and build our courses around their unique requirements – to provide them with trained. ready-on-day-one professionals. It is worth noting 82% of Sollers’ students are employed within three months of graduation.

Student-friendly Loans

Students looking to take a loan to finance their education are welcome to apply to Meritize, a third-party lender Sollers has partnered with. You will be offered a range of loan options with affordable interest rates. This is a great opportunity to advance your career and be able to pay off your loan without feeling the financial stress.

Women’s Scholarship

A unique scholarship only women can apply for. Women who meet certain eligibility criteria can enjoy the benefits of Sollers’ patented curriculum and experienced faculty with at least a portion of their fee covered by the college itself.

Employer Sponsorship

As mentioned above, Sollers partners with corporations to build curriculum around their unique business needs. Our ready-on-day-one graduates are tailor-made for these businesses, greatly reducing their recruitment expenditure. A viable financial option for you may be an employer sponsorship where you get at least a portion of tuition reimbursed by your employer after landing a job.

Payment Plans

For students who are unable to pay the entire tuition upfront, Sollers offers a variety of instalment plans that enable them to pay off the tuition over the course of the program.