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October 23, 2020
Clinical Research postions

Trending positions in Clinical Research Field

With the advent of industrial advancement, the pharmaceutical sector has grown to its full power and envisioned increasing consistently in the coming years. […]
September 14, 2020
Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance

Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance: A Thriving Career Platform

Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance radically transforming the future of the Pharmaceutical industry. The healthcare sector’s never-ending progress has resulted in modern medicines’ availability […]
July 1, 2019

The Role of SAS in Clinical Research and Clinical Trial Management

Statistical Analysis System, or SAS, has been the industry standard for data management and analytics of large volumes of data. It’s a very […]
February 13, 2019

What’s so Important About SAS?

Statistical Analysis System, or SAS, has been the industry standard for data management and analytics of large volumes of data. It’s a very […]
October 9, 2018

Preparing For The Hiring Trends of 2019

October has arrived! This means fall, pumpkin picking, Halloween and the beginning of Q4 of the 2018 work year. Ready or not, this […]
September 25, 2018

Your Future in Java

The Sollers Buzz blog is designed to keep you in the know regarding the jobs of the future. We pride ourselves in having […]
August 20, 2018

What Is An Employer Backed Program?

In your early years, you attended school with the primary goal of just learning different skills in fields such as math, science, English, […]
August 17, 2018

What Licensing and Accreditation Mean in Higher Education

Choosing the right college, university, or training institute for your needs is an important and complex decision. Making sure that you are choosing […]
July 31, 2018

Back To School – At Any Age

If you plan on entering a Walmart or Target in the next few weeks, you will undoubtedly see the signs and sales celebrating […]
July 16, 2018

Securing your Career in the IT Industry

Decades ago, once you began working for a company: you often stayed for the duration of your career. You would get promoted, maybe […]
June 19, 2018

How to Plan for a Master’s Degree in Today’s Job Market

Given the strong unemployment figures on display recently: some people have questioned the wisdom of going back to school for graduate degrees. The […]
June 15, 2018

5 Reasons Why A Certificate Program Should Be Your Next Career Move

In 2018, there are a multitude of options for anyone looking to further their education or expand on their skillset. Going back to […]
June 1, 2018

5 Reasons Why Sollers College Location Benefits YOU

Welcome to Sollers College. Yes, we are located in a mall. We know what you may be thinking, “A mall? Isn’t that weird?” […]
June 1, 2018

How Income Sharing Agreements Can Improve Education

Income Sharing Agreements, or ISA’s, are on the rise today. Primarily among community colleges, trade schools, and other professional development institutions. However, even […]
May 9, 2018

3 Reasons to complete your Bachelor’s degree if you have an Associate’s degree

Graduate career prospects are at the heart of US education, with teaching increasingly informed by what is going on in the rapidly-changing world […]