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We converge on a vital mission to encourage students succeed in launching, developing, and sustaining in Life Science career. We practice a comprehensive and integrated approach in all aspects. Our established model delivers sustainable growth and expedites student success through upfront expertise in life science programs, unrivaled skill development, and student enrollment and retention services.

Sas joint certificate programs

Program Name: Masters in Data Science and Graduate Certificate in Clinical Data Science.

About the Software: SAS is a fourth-generation programming language, software that integrates utilities for storing, modifying, and analyzing graphing data, which is used in a wide range of industries such as insurance, education, banking, and life science. SAS analytics science is a rapidly growing industry and requires trained professionals in the cross-functional Healthcare/Pharma/IT domain.

About the Partnership: Each of the joint certificates with SAS, Sollers College will use SAS software throughout and consists of more than 12 semester hours of credit work and a project. Students who complete the program will be issued Sollers completion certificate with the SAS logo.

Partnership start date 2016.

Tableau academic partner

Program Name: Masters and Graduate Certificate in Data Analytics using Tableau, Clinical Data Science, Data Science Certification.

About the Software: From connection through collaboration, Tableau is the most powerful, secure, and flexible end-to-end analytics platform for your data. Designed for the individual, but scaled for the enterprise, Tableau is the only business intelligence platform that turns your data into insights that drive action.

System Details: We partner with Tableau from 2016. Students who complete the program will be issued Sollers certificate with Tableau Logo.

Techsol – Oracle Argus

Program Name: Masters in Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance – Oracle Argus Safety Database. Graduate Certificate in Drug Safety and Pharmacovigilance.

Software Details: Oracle Argus Safety Standard Edition v 8.1.2 database provided by Techsol is regulatory compliant and supported by Techsol cloud delivery team. Sollers has subscription of over 100 cases.

Learning Objectives using Oracle Argus: Oracle Argus database is a widely used database in the pharmaceutical industry. Students are given access to the tool during their theory module and start processing real-time pharmaceutical cases during their internship training. Sollers provides training to the students in the following areas using Argus:

  • Case Processing
  • Expedited Reporting
  • Periodic Reporting
  • P & L configuration
  • Workflow configuration
  • Admin console configuration

Techsol – Sollers Partnership: Sollers has partnered with Techsol Corporation since 2018 to provide hands-on training and internship to drug safety pharmacovigilance students using the Oracle Argus Safety database.

Clinical Conductor

Program Names: Masters in Clinical Trial Management, Graduate Certificate in Clinical Trial Management.

About the Software: This course provides training for students to have a unique-hands on training opportunities with Clinical Trial Management System. It will be done through real-time case scenarios, clinical tasks, and other site management activities taught by industry experts. The CTM system is used to prioritize site management activities, update site staff information, document site visits, generate visit tasks/reports, regulatory approval, and investigation payment. Students work with document place holders and signature work flows.

System Details: We partner with Clinical Conductor from 2017. Students who complete the program will be issued Sollers Internship certificate with Clinical Conductor Logo.

Master Control - CTMS

Program Name: Masters in Clinical Trial Management, Graduate Certificate in Clinical Trial Management.

About the Software: A Trial Master File (TMF) contains essential documents and artifacts associated with a clinical trial subject to compliance with ICH GCP, FDA 21 CFR Part 11, and other regulatory requirements. The TMF should not only contain adequate and accurate data, but it must also be organized in a manner suitable for evaluation by inspectors, and sharing with clinical study team members both internally and externally. MasterControl goes beyond mere document management by providing an eTMF software system based on the TMF Reference Model designed to enable real-time visibility into the status of all activities pertaining to a clinical study. We use Trial Master File (TMF) to upload/index documents, use naming conventions, and electronically sign the documents before submitting them. Students work with document Place Holders, Signature Work Flows, TMF Metrics to successfully perform Site Master File/Trial Master File Reconciliation.

System Details: We are academic partners with Master control from 2017. Students who complete the program will be issued Sollers Internship certificate with Master Control logo.


Sollers & Pega Academic Partnership: Pegasystems Inc. offers the #1 software for customer engagement and digital process automation. Sollers College is a recognized academic partner for Pega, through the Pega Academy program. Through this partnership, students can get access to Pega supplied materials and achieve a professional certification.

About Pega: Pega is the leader in cloud software for operational excellence and customer engagement. It is one of the top-class universities that are upskilling pupils to achieve new heights with innovative thinking. Students can also acquire hands-on experience in leading technologies like CRM, Real-Time Decisioning, Robotic Automation, Digital Process Automation, and many more.
The Academy has become a notable and enduring institution in the US, and it is one of the most significant organizations that drive digital transformation on a global scale.

What Student learn: Students learn the core principles of application development on the PEGA platform. They perform common development tasks for their first PEGA deployment, including case management, data modeling, UI and information exchange.

Blue Prism

Sollers & Blueprism Academic Partnership: The partnerships that grow from this program will seed the next generation of innovators, disruptors, and digital business leaders.

About Blueprism: Blue Prism’s connected-RPA is an intelligent RPA platform that was designed to be business-led and technology-controlled. With a user-friendly design and easy access to AI capabilities, Blue Prism’s connected-RPA enables operational experts to build innovative process automation while meeting the strictest security and compliance standards.Visit www.blueprism.com.

What student should learn: Learning RPA with hands-on access to Blue Prism’s market-leading connected-RPA platform makes preparing for a successful future in the technology industry easier than ever. With instructor-led classroom training and access to a host of online resources, students can become Blue Prism certified while earning their degree.

Parchment for Digital Certificate

Sollers is collaborating with Parchment to offer digital diplomas to all our recent graduates. Digital certificates are easy to access and share in social media and readily obtained via a Parchment account.

Steps to procure the Digital Certificate:

  • Check the email and text messages for award notification
  • Follow the link to setup Parchment Digital credentials notification
  • Share and download the Digital Certificate

Benefits of Digital Certificate:

  • Share on social media (Facebook and LinkedIn)
  • Download and send as secure PDF
  • Employer verification
  • Access online as and when needed using Parchment account

Informational Video on Parchment Digital Certificate:


Contact Information:

certificate@sollers.edu – For employer verification

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