About Sollers College


Sollers is the first of its kind college that offers industry-focused professional learning programs in information technology and life sciences.

  • 82% placement rate within 3 months of graduation
  • 1350+ hours of copyrighted content
  • 3000+ alumni employed in Fortune 100 companies
  • 100+ partner companies
Our Services


Sollers collaborates with businesses, identifies their unique requirements, builds courses specifically to meet said requirements, and provides ready-on-day-one employees to them at a low cost. Sollers provides graduates with more than just a degree. Our Career Services and industry collaborations ensure students graduate job-ready and are thoroughly assisted throughout the job-search process.


Focus on the Jobs of the Future: Identify and build capabilities-based training curricula for the Jobs of the Future. The curriculum for each program is designed and built by industry experts in collaboration with business collaborators.

Design for Social Mobility: The objective of our programs is job placement. Thus, we strive to build a ladder of opportunity for students helping them with upward mobility and economic success. Skills and capabilities curricula are tied to job needs and updates.

Serve Individual Needs: Identify and serve the individual – from remedial/refresher practice to specific training to fill in skills gaps. Deliver the training in ways most convenient for the individual’s needs.

Engage the Community: Build a reputation and local presence in the community. Neighborhood campuses combined with on-demand digital offerings bring the classroom to the student. Mall locations are one example; they bring us closer to the community.

Replace Tuition with Income-Sharing: Change the traditional paradigm of tuition-based learning to a more inclusive form of payment – income-sharing or business-sponsored tuition.

Invest in Job-Creating Partnerships: Partner with cutting-edge businesses in order to facilitate job-placements and experience-building internships.

Reinvent Skills Continuously: Because the shelf-life of a job is now under 5 years, we deliver lifetime continuous training and skill-building updates to our graduates. This ensures that talent is constantly refreshing itself to meet workplace challenges.


Vision Statement

Sollers College aspires to nurture and mentor students, providing them with the tools to be at the forefront of clinical research, pharmaceutical discovery and technological advances. Sollers College aspires to be recognized among the nation’s leading educational institutions for its pre-eminence in emerging programs, excellence in teaching and commitment to the community.

Mission Statement

Sollers’ mission is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills needed for employment and career advancement.

President’s Message

Siba Padhi

President, Sollers College

At Sollers College, we believe it is our privilege, as much as it is our responsibility, to serve YOU. Whether you are a student looking to transform your life by enhancing your knowledge and skills in order to find your dream job, or a life science or computational science organization looking for business solutions to help you expand your services and increase market share, we want to help you thrive.

We take to heart our mission to guide and support individuals and businesses as they learn, grow and partner with us. When we look to our future, we hope to see you and the thousands of others who have excelled using our dynamic curriculum, leading business boosters, and extensive academic, corporate and technology collaborations. We see ourselves as a part of a far-reaching ecosystem, touching and assisting others as they pursue their goals and dreams.

We are proud to possess a team of student-centered faculty and staff. Our highlyqualified faculty are leaders in their fields, and proud to help students achieve their purpose. Our staff's passion and commitment to student success is part of our guarantee of excellence, respect, and positive outcomes, and inspires students to greater accomplishments. We offer career resources for students at every step on their career pathway, from counseling and program selection, to resume preparation and job placement assistance.

We also help nurture up-and-coming CROs, biotech and pharmaceutical companies with our customizable services, rental space in our state-of-the-art facility, and staff trained to keep pace with the latest in their field of expertise. We will help you grow your business right here in the U.S. while controlling costs.

We would be honored and grateful to be part of your educational journey. We value our students, alumni, and partners, and hope that you will find a home here with us. Please contact us and discover how you too can achieve your dreams with Sollers College.

  • Corporate Partners

    Corporate Partners

    Sollers’ custom training is designed to meet each corporate partner’s unique business needs and is led by a team of in-house experts.
  • Academic Partners

    Academic Partners

    Sollers partners with other universities to deliver programs and courses in Information Technology and Life Sciences.